Meet us

Clara - Owner/Founder - the tech brain

Hey lovelies, my name is Clara and I am a 27 year old part-time business entrepreneurship student. Our business Guinea Gadgets originated from a project I had to do for an assessment - and look at how far we have come from there! Having piggies since I was 7 years old, I have lots of experience when it comes to our little furry potatoes. This involves raising them from newborn to fully grown, caring for them when sick and ensuring general maintenance & care. I am  passionate and excited about every piggy I meet and want nothing but to spoil them & give them the happy & long life that they deserve. When interacting with our social media channels or webshops you will likely be chatting to me! ^-^

Oliver - Owner/Founder - the sewing guru

Hey guys, my name is Oliver and I was being thrown into the deep end when meeting Clara and her guinea pigs. I became deeply invested in their care & wellbeing and learned a lot more about them than I ever thought possible! As a professional chef I love to share the leftover veggies with the hungry little munchkins and I am not scared of the responsibility and challenges that come along with caring for our six little fluffballs. I am the one behind the designs that you see at Guinea Gadgets. After teaching myself how to sew and getting advise from a family member I am proud to be making the products for our shop and ensuring top quality for your fluffy friends. When you purchase one of our products you can be sure that I invested a lot of love & time into their design! :)